The Legends of Sherwood Forest range captures the colour of MGM films we all love and the action from the 1950s comic book annual illustrations that reflected the movie stars like Fairbanks, Flynn, Taylor and Green. Covering both the Robin Hood and Ivanhoe versions of the story the range will grow to cover all aspects and characters found in the many tellings of this story, including the earliest ballads and tales dating back to the late medieval period.
This will give the collector an opprrtunity to gain a British made set of figures that finally covers all the bases. The sculpting comes from a combination of three sculptors including figures designed over twenty years ago by Peter Cole. Growing all the time this dynamic and exciting range will include many buildings and accessories, plus many lesser known characters.

White Tower Miniatures is the only firm in the U.K. currently making this subject in such detail,
with over 20 named characters in the range at the last count!


The Legends of West has a more historical concept behind it. By this we mean that all the figures are produced to match real people from authentic photographs. Minor details do get changed for design reasons and added interest, but from each pose you will be able to find the original photo to match your figure. This range is sculpted by a different sculptor who is brilliantly suited to pick up the essence of the person and the fine detail required when matching photographs. The range will include all aspects of Wild West legend picking key figures from history, folk law and entertainment. We even have a worlds first Western movie star in the range. Again we believe this to be the first time a company has produced this period of American history in this way.


This is one of the few figure sets produced under licence from Replicants. These figures designed by Peter Cole are something of a rare beast,
as Peter does not work for metal companies and the figures were originally produced in plastic. Having not seen an excitingly designed set of Civil War musketeers in metal this range is intended to give collectors the benefit of action and the quality of design inherent in Peter Cole's sculpting style.  


This range is at the final production stage and again uses another well known U.K. sculptor. This set has another interesting angle,
being depictions of the Norman occupation rather than the invasion of 1066.
Normal life in the years after the crowning of William is an area we believe to be another first for White Tower Miniatures.
The first set of figures are depicting The Hunt and Hawking with both peasant and Lord being depicted.
The sculptor's wonderful ability to inpart story telling in the figures really brings these every day medieval events to life.

Due for release in December this set is a departure from our normal scale and style being produced in 60mm with a matt shaded finnish.
Currently this set will be limited to 25 sets and will not be sold as castings.