Welcome to White Tower Miniatures

Welcome to White Tower Miniatures

Welcome to White Tower MiniaturesWelcome to White Tower Miniatures
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White Tower  Miniatures is run by Matthew Thair in response to his wife and a good  few collectors suggesting he turn his converting into a full blown  company producing new designs. Having been a converter of figures for  many years, he had created comissions for many collectors around the  world as a hobby.  Matthew also writes for Plastic Warrior on Converting  and the history of Plastic toy soldier production. Most recently he has  written the Plastic Warrior Robin Hood Special, a subject very close to  his heart as you can see in the ranges available from White Tower  Miniatures. 

The company  takes pride in all the aspects of the business being produced in the  U.K. As too much design, sculpting and production is being done through  China, good for profit but not so good when all the figures start to  look the same.  

Matthew  designs and researches all the figures, the majority of the  sculpting is undertaken by Matthew, but we have figures by a number of other UK sculpters. All the  casting is undertaken in London and finally the painting is again all Matthew's work. A small number of  designs are produed under licence from Replicants, as the sculptor  Peter Cole had produced some Robin Hood figures over twenty years ago  that never got into production. Being a big Robin Hood fan Matthew asked  his good friends at Replicants if he could get these figures out for  the first time. Alternative versions are now available in Plastic from Replicants. 

Another  feature of White Towers production is the box art; again designed and  researched by Matthew Thair. The idea is to include a quote or story  snippet to go with each figure, this is intended to give the figure a  real sense of place, giving the collector a glimpse into the idea behind  the design and a flavour of the figures character.  
   I hope this gives you a little insight into White Tower Miniatures.  



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